What happened to Rails Summit Latin America?

2010 July 05, 11:04 h - tags: rubyconfbr2010 english

Brazil went official in the worldwide Ruby on Rails conference roadmap with 2008’s “Rails Summit Latin America”. This was the very first big conference around Rails in the continent and a very successful one, gathering more than 550 attendees each year. We had more than 20 speakers, 2 full days, 2 parallel sessions with real-time translations.

Now, it is 2010, and I have decided that Rails Summit is no more …

RubyConf Latin America

… because it’s being replaced for the first edition of RubyConf Latin America! We managed to partner with Ruby Central, and they authorized the usage of the name.

We are already confirmed for October, 26th and 27th, this time at Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo, very near to the famous Paulista Ave. area.

After 2 years of experience we were able to optimize the costs even further, therefore the registration fee went down to BRL 150 (~ USD 78) with registration starting in August. We will maintain the same format with 2 full days of sessions, 2 parallel tracks, real time translation from English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English, coffee-break, the entire package. The quality will be the same.

Locaweb will keep on being the stewardship and main sponsor of the event. With 2 successful deliveries, I can’t think of a better partner. So it will be “RubyConf Latin America by locaweb, co-presented by Ruby Central”.

We just opened up a teaser website in Brazilian Portuguese at http://rubyconf.com.br but the complete site will be up soon.

Call for Proposals

Some companies already confirmed their participation in the conference: Engine Yard, Github, Opscode. So far we already have Charlie Nutter, Yehuda Katz, Evan Phoenix, Chris Wanstrath, Scott Chacon, David Black, Adam Jacob.

From now on, I am opening the Call for Proposals. As it is the first time I am doing this, it will be very informal. If you’re interested in participating send me an e-mail, to fabioakita at gmail with the following details:

  • Full name
  • Company
  • State/City/Country
  • Short bio
  • Title of the talk
  • Description of the talk

We will have more news soon! But you can already book flights to Brazil for the last week of October ;-)


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