2012 July 09, 21:14 h

  • I founded Codeminer 42 in October 2011. A Fledgling consulting company focused on small teams with great developers to server Ruby on Rails, Mobile and new technologies and new startups. With a little more than a year in operations we achieved to deliver almost 30 different projects, expanded our team to around 40 collaborators, moved to a new HQ building in São Paulo, opened new branches in Porto Alegre, Fortaleza and Natal.
  • I worked at GoNow Consulting as Rails and Mobile Team Manager, helped put Gonow in the Brazilian IT Market radar.
  • I worked as Project and Product Manager at Locaweb, the largest hosting company in Latin America.
  • I worked as an offshore outsourced programmer and held the position of Brazil Rails Practice Manager for Surgeworks LLC.
  • I wrote the first Ruby on Rails book in Brazilian Portuguese. (Corrections | Preview | Code)
  • I later revised Dave Thomas’ and Andy Hunt’s book “Agile Web Development with Rails”, which was translated in Brazilian Portuguese by Artmed Publishing.
  • Helped establish the Ruby on Rails community starting at the beginning of 2006 (before Ruby on Rails was fashionable). I blog regularly and I also produced screencasts and translated relevant articles from English to Portuguese.
  • I developed and gave an online Ruby on Rails class in 2007 for the Brazilian company e-Genial Online Training courses.
  • I organized one of the first small RoR conferences in São Paulo, Reject Conf 2007.
  • I joined Brazilian Rails activist Carlos Brando to create the Ruby on Rails Podcast Brasil, which we terminated after episode #39 due to the lack of free time to continue this voluntary endeavor.
  • I spoke at 15 events in 2008.
  • I spoke at 28 events in 2009.
  • I spoke at RailsConf 2010 at Baltimore, Maryland.
  • I spoke at 30 events in 2010. I also changed my Rails Summit conference to RubyConf Brazil with the sanction of RubyCentral.
  • I spoke at 30 events in 2011. Together with Locaweb we organized RubyConf Brazil 2011.
  • I spoke at “20 events” in 2012.
  • I spoke at “15 events” in 2013

There are many talks that were recorded and are available on YouTube!. You can see most of them all in this post

  • I created and led the organization of “Rails Summit Latin America”, in 2008 and 2009. The 2-day conferences had more than 20 important international presenters in the RoR community. More than 550 developers participated in each of the two conferences. I made the connections and invited well recognized presenters, including: Chad Fowler, Obie Fernandez, Glenn Vanderburg, Gregg Pollack.
  • I have written articles for printed magazines such as TI Digital and Revista W in Brazil.
  • I am columnist for the Gestão 2.0 weblog as part of the Info Online Blog series. Info Magazine is the most well known IT magazine in Brazil (something like “ComputerWorld” magazine).
  • In 2008, Ruby on Rails was awarded Technology of the Year by Info Magazine. I played a key role in creating the interest in Ruby on Rails in Brazil that led to this award.
  • In 2009 I was awarded for my achievements in the Agile and Ruby on Rails communities as Personality of the Year by Info Magazine.
  • In 2009 I was awarded PostRank Topblogs 2009 – Influencer Award by PostRank.com

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