THE CONF 2017 - All the Recordings!

2017 November 13, 16:55 h

Finally, InfoQ Brasil has been posting the edited talks to their new YouTube! channel. They created a playlist with all 32 talks available right now! And, as promised, everything available for FREE!

Not only that, also as promised, the best talks were also published in the USA InfoQ website fulfilling our mission of trying to showcase more Brazilians to the world wide audience!

We're almost done with the 2017 edition.

As we stated before, out of the 32 talks, I will select 5 to showcase in the USA InfoQ website. You can help out in the process by sharing the playlist and liking your favorites. I'll take that into consideration as well.

If you missed this year's edition, don't forget to read about the Initiative that I kicked off in October of 2016. And also the report of the 2017 edition.

We actually did it: 31 Brazilian speakers, coming from all around the globe (yes, we had Brazilians living in Canada, the Netherlands, Germany also coming here), and they all delivered great talks in ENGLISH. Finally, a Tech Conference in Brazil that anyone on the planet can consume, enjoy and learn.

It was a long year, we did the "M.V.P." style, a spartan planning. Some people didn't believe in the concept. Many waited to see it actually happen to finally say something. We struggled to make it happen. But it was all worth it. InfoQ Brasil and all the companies that sent great speakers, and the community that helped share the message from the beginning, I sincerely salute and thank you a lot! It would not be possible without your help.

Against all odds, we pulled it off.

And I am committing myself to try and improve the 2nd edition, already confirmed for 2018, Sep 21-22. Follow our Facebook Page and our Twitter account. A simple share, retweet, really help a lot, please contribute!

Also, watch my opening keynote to understand more of the event rationale.

If you want to see the 2017 website, with the full program and all the supporting companies, I put it here.

2017 was the prototype. Help us improve the rough edges for 2018.

Keep an eye on the social networks, the Call for Papers will open probably around April 2018.

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