Rubyconf Brasil 2013: Meet Carlos Galdino

2013 August 26, 09:20 h - tags: rubyconfbr2013 english

Carlos Galdino

If you didn't register yet, don't miss this opportunity. Go to the official website to register as soon as possible. The conference will commence on August 29th. The countdown is reaching its end! Only 3 days to go! Register while there is still time!

This is the 6th consecutive year that Locaweb and myself are organizing yet another great Rubyconf in Brazil. Several great established companies and tech startup are supporting the conference sending great developers.

Meet Plataformatec a Brazilian consulting shop specialized in Ruby on Rails and known for famous open source projects such as Devise and Simple Forms. Carlos Galdino is a software developer at Plataformatec.

Don't miss his talk precisely at 4:00PM of the first day of the event. Let's get to know more about him:

"Your talk is about Rubinius, one of the alternative implementations for Ruby, can you explain what some of the requirements are to understand what you're going to talk about?"

Galdino: I'd say that the most important thing the audience should have is to be curious about how things work under the hood, otherwise it'd be boring for them. I'm going to give an overview about how an implementation of a language, in this case Rubinius as the implementation and Ruby as the language, which concepts are present and how they're tied up. So, if you ever wanted to know what happens to the code you write after writing it, you should attend the talk.

"Many developers would love to become as experienced and fluent in Ruby as you are. What have been some of the pitfalls you had to overcome in order to become a great developer? Any good tips for a Ruby beginner?"

Galdino: Never stop learning. Always be curious about things and how they work. Another thing that I think is extremely important is to be open-minded, you shouldn't only read and learn about Ruby or Rails. Try to read about completely different subjects, subjects that you might don't use in a daily basis. It'll help you when deciding something because you'll have different perspectives.

"There are so many new technologies, best practices and so on being released all the time. In your personal opinion, and maybe related to your current field of work, what are some of the trends in technology that you think we should be paying attention for the near future?"

Galdino: Functional Programming. After being the next big thing for decades, I think its time has finally come. You see everyday more and more people excited and talking about it. We've reached a point where you can't ignore concurrency and parallelism, and functional languages make easier to deal and even avoid some common problems that appear when dealing with such things in languages like Ruby, Java and others.


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