Rubyconf Brasil 2013: Meet Eduardo Shiota

2013 August 19, 12:45 h

Eduardo Shiota

If you didn't register yet, don't miss this opportunity. Go to the official website to register as soon as possible. The conference will commence on August 29th. The countdown begins, 10 days to launch!

This is the 6th consecutive year that Locaweb and myself are organizing yet another great Rubyconf in Brazil. Several great established companies and tech startup are supporting the conference sending great developers.

Meet a Brazilian e-commerce geared toward the baby products. It's under the umbrella of venture capitals such as Monashees and Accel Partners, and they have a big Ruby development team.

Eduardo Shiota works for Baby for a while, he is responsible for usability and front-end development. Because he studied both Arts and Computer Science, he has a unique point of view that binds both worlds.

Don't miss his talk precisely at 10:15AM of the first day of the event. Let's get to know more about him:

"Your talk is about Modular and Event-Driven Architecture in Javascript, can you explain what some of the requirements are to understand what you're going to talk about?"

Shiota: If you're starting with Front-end or just JavaScript development now, it's important to know that the language is much more than jQuery, visual effects, and DOM manipulation. Having this concept in mind and the desire to understand the fundamental concepts of the language are enough to take in the content of this talk, and apply it on a daily basis.

"Many developers would love to become as experienced and fluent in Javascript and Ruby as you are. What have been some of the pitfalls you had to overcome in order to become a great developer? Any good tips for a beginner?"

Shiota: It's pretty easy to get stuck on basic Front-end development, doing one-file-huge JavaScript solutions, and simply slicing PSDs into CSS. You have to take it to the next level. Ask yourself "How can I make this better? How can I make this reusable? How can I test this? How can I make this easily understandable and modifiable?". Search for the answers. Read a LOT of books, like Eloquent JavaScript, JavaScript: The Good Parts, and JavaScript Patterns. Subscribe to JavaScript Weekly e BrazilJS Weekly. Watch a lot of JavaScript talks on YouTube. Write some simple games or quizzes. Try some new methods. Have fun. =)

"There are so many new technologies, best practices and so on being released all the time. In your personal opinion, and maybe related to your current field of work, what are some of the trends in technology that you think we should be paying attention for the near future?"

Shiota: We're living a boom of JS MV* frameworks, languages that are compiled to JavaScript, like CoffeeScript and TypeScript, and the growth of the Node.js community. It's important to not stick to just a single solution or library, stay in touch with the growth of the language as a whole, and know which topic is worth digging deeper. Keep yourself up to date on ECMAScript 6 "Harmony"'s progress, and every update on modern browsers APIs.

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