Rubyconf Brasil 2013: Jaime Andrés Dávila

2013 August 13, 18:58 h

Jaime Andrés Dávila

If you didn't register yet, don't miss this opportunity. Go to the official website to register as soon as possible. The conference will commence on August 29th.

This is the 6th consecutive year that Locaweb and myself are organizing yet another great Rubyconf in Brazil. Several great established companies and tech startup are supporting the conference sending great developers.

Meet Neo, they call themselves a "global product innovation company". They are spread all over the world and have several well known names involved, such as Eric Ries, Ian McFarland, Evan Henshaw-Plath, Jim Weinrich and many more.

Jaime Andrés Dávila works at the Uruguay branch of Neo, formerly known as Cubox. He is a prolific software developer that proposed a unique approach to explain a recently well discussed design pattern, DCI, with something intriguing: semiotics.

Don't miss his talk precisely at 1:15PM of the second day of the event. Let's get to know more about him:

"Your talk is the design pattern known as DCI, one that has been recently discussed quite a lot. If someone is just beginning with Ruby, can you explain what some of the requirements are to understand what you're going to talk about?"

Jaime: Probably the most important thing to understand is the concept of "design patterns" not the specifics of every pattern, but the "reason to exist", why patterns are important, why not a single pattern is the silver bullet for everything and as an specific topic, the MVC concept.

Related to semiotics, it doesn't matter if you don't have any experience, I'm going to start from scratch and just give some details on the specific part that's important for us, in this case DCI; however if you are interested in this kind of lecture we could have a good talk about social fields.

"Many developers would love to become as experienced and fluent in Ruby as you are. What have been some of the pitfalls you had to overcome in order to become a great developer? Any good tips for a Ruby beginner?"

Jaime: Just keep reading, keep learning and keep enjoying every moment in front of your computer. One of the most important things someone has told me is "don't be afraid to say I don't know".

Oh!!! and commitment with your work: if you decide to do something, don't quit, just stay there until you're satisfied with your work, that way you'll learn to be professional and specially you'll learn to be proud of your work.

"There are so many new technologies, best practices and so on being released all the time. In your personal opinion, and maybe related to your current field of work, what are some of the trends in technology that you think we should be paying attention for the near future?"

Jaime: OWA (one window app), it's not just the concept, it's the way that should be implemented, JS has proved it's a great and complex language so learn some of the main frameworks like angularjs, emberjs, backbonejs.

Hypermedia API, even there's a lot information about it, I think it's still not fully implemented so there's still a lot of space to improve and learn.

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