RubyConf Brasil 2012 - It's a Wrap!

2012 September 01, 22:00 h

Rubyconf Brasil 2012 was a blast!

All the Speakers, gathered

I personally still pinch myself every time when I think about it, when I decided to commit to this endeavour back in 2008 neither I nor anyone would ever think that we would be able to make more than 1 Ruby Conference in Brazil. But against all odds we have been able to pull it off. 5 years have passed and every year is an improvement over the previous one. Locaweb has been a fantastic partner, and I don't think any other company in Brazil would have the same level of commitment, delivering more than expected year after year.

This year we had an astounding 750 attendees at Frei Caneca Convention Center and with the help of Eventials we added at least 500 more watching in real time during the 2 days of the conference. We also had the most dense Rubyconf Brasil ever with a mind boggling 31 talks, 36 speakers out of which 14 came from outside of Brazil.

We, of the Rubyconf Brasil staff, hope that everyone found something you really liked and that everybody had a great time. And I personally wish that if you liked it, you keep helping the Ruby community to grow larger in Latin America.

Thank you very much!

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