Registration are Open for Rubyconf Brazil 2012

2012 July 11, 14:13 h

Registrations are open through the official Rubyconf Brazil 2012 website. The opening price is BRL 150, roughly USD 75 that you can pay through Paypal. If your company is going to sponsor your registration, ask the person in charge to register himself as a company. After registration he can subscribe many people and pay just once.

Time goes by very fast and who would say that one day we would be opening the 5th consecutive Ruby conference in Brasil? It feels like it was yesterday that Locaweb offered his mighty to support Rails Summit Latin America 2008. Locaweb, the largest web hosting company in Latin America, continues to be a fundamental support without which it would be much too difficult to organize an 800 attendees, conference in 2 consecutive days, with 2 parallel tracks, and real-time audio translation from Portuguese to English and vice-versa.

This year we will have 33 speakers and 11 of those coming from all over the world. This includes well known name such as Bruce Williams, from; John Nunemaker, from; Josh Kalderimis, from TravisCI fame; and several great names from the Brazilian community such as José Valim, Nando Vieira, Carlos Brando, and several others. We will have a wide range of subjects from best practices and architecture, tooling and platforms (Adhersion, Puppet), Java integration (JRuby, Torquebox), games, web design and UX, and much more. This is the denser Rubyconf Brazil in terms of talks, more than 30 so far!

The date and venue are set for August 30rd and 31st, in São Paulo, Brazil, at Frei Caneca Convention Center. Check out information regarding venue at the official website. It will be a Thursday and Friday so set your schedule to stay here during the weekend and enjoy more about the city and the community.

This is the space to increase your network, get to know new and potential growing markets, meet entrepreneurs and investors. Technology, markets and communities will be together in this great event.

If you have any questions, please get in touch

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