RubyConf Brazil 2011 is coming!

2011 September 19, 01:41 h

I have just released the beta version of the RubyConf Brazil website. The registration process is about to be released in the next few days but you can already check out the contents of the website.

This is the 4th year we are organizing this great conference and I’d like to invite you all to come again and visit Brazil. RubyConf Brazil is going to be great, last year we had more than 700 attendees and we will keep the same format of two intense days with two parallels tracks going on with real-time translations for everybody to enjoy!

So open up your schedule and make reservations for November 3 and 4 to come to São Paulo, Brazil.

I will keep on updating the website in the next few days, some slots in the program are being confirmed, so keep on looking for news.

And by the way, this time I decided to change the website process and make it public. All the source code is available for you to fork at Github. So if you want to contribute, tweak something that’s broken in someone’s web browser, add relevant content, or if you’re a speaker you can keep your audience engaged by adding more information about yourself and your talk. I have even added Disqus-based comments in every page so people can interact and collaborate.

Come check it out!

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