Upcoming: Journey to Japan

2011 July 23, 21:30 h

I attended RubyKaigi 2011 and it was a very exciting trip for me. My grandparents were born in Japan, I am 3rd generation Japanese born and raised in Brazil. This was my first time visiting my grandparents home country. It was therefore the first time I decided to attend RubyKaigi, the most famous Japanese Ruby conference. And if it couldn’t be exciting enough, I was able to attend it as a speaker, the first from South America. It couldn’t be better.

I came back to Brazil yesterday and I am still recovering from the burn out of the trip. I am still thinking on how to tackle this complex subject. But I do want to tell the story and explain most of what I can.

Until then, I’ve compiled 3 small trailers to get you wondering what’s to come:


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