RubyConf Brazil is Coming up!

2010 September 03, 02:34 h

We are just releasing the RubyConf Brazil official website! The conference will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, on October 26th and 27th. Come visit us in Brazil!

If you need anything, just send a message to

And this year we have several news.


The first one is that we learned a lot from the previous Rails Summit Latin America conferences. The Locaweb events team was able to squeeze the costs without sacrificing quality and the registration price went all the way down until USD 85 only! In 2008 the price was almost 3 times higher!

The other change is that the venue changed from Anhembi Convention Center to Frei Caneca Convention Center, which can easily handle more than a thousand attendees. Besides, the nearby area is much more convenient because it is near the famous Paulista Ave, where you will find several Metro subway stations, bars, night clubs, restaurants. Check out this list of recommended hotels. And I also recommend you to come a few days before or leave a few days after the event so you have time to visit more of the city.


This year we will have no less than 24 speakers! Engine Yard, for example, will be here with Yehuda Katz (Rails 3), Charles Nutter (JRuby), and Evan Phoenix (Rubinius). We will have several of the Brazilian Rails contributors such as José Valim and Ruby Summer of Code participants, Thiago Pradi and Ricardo Panaggio.

We will have some of the community luminaries such as David Black and Jim Weirich. Non-rubysts such as Blaine Cook will be here too, and more!

I intend to publish a few blog posts presenting more details about some of the speakers, so stay tuned! Meanwhile check out the program schedule. It can still change until the event.


In the last two years we were able to gather more than 500 attendees each year. This year the goal is to bring in more than 700! You don’t want to stay out of this great summit: a great chance to get to know Brazil better and increase your social network, getting to know many great Latin American rubyists! Register now!

I will bring more news soon, stay tuned!

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