[RailsConf 2010] - Video Interview - David Hansson

2010 June 17, 15:05 h

One person that I didn’t have the opportunity to interview until this day was David Hansson himself. We talked briefly a few times in the past but this was our first longer conversation.

I particularly enjoyed this interview because he was very easy going. We discussed about the Rails 3 project, what he is enjoying more about it. We also talked about old stuff, such as the story of when he visited Brazil in 2005 – if you didn’t know that, check it out!

Besides that we also talked a bit about “Rework” related subjects such as people management, entrepreneurship. And I couldn’t let go the opportunity to mention Ricardo Semler to him, of course :-)

So a nice conversation – of around 24 minutes – with David Hansson himself, is a good way to wrap up my material on RailsConf 2010. Excellent event, excellent people and I hope to be able to meet you all again next year!

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