2009 November 10, 15:22 h

Last night I made available, a translation fork of the original I thought it’s a great website because of its simplicity on the approach to group together communities and make them easier to find for everyone.

But, I was careless. According to the Creative Commons License I failed to add proper attribution to Rock & Code and Rubyists.EU. So, Rock & Code contacted me. We talked and I agreed to cease and desist both my fork at github and the website.

I was told that the way I wrote the original blog post in Portuguese (already removed) did upset some of the European collaborators. Specially the part that would translate as “… it is nothing more than a Google Maps mashup.” Again, the intention was never to be negative, quite contrary, it was to pinpoint the fact that it would not be difficult for people to collaborate.

So, will remain down. I have no plans for it for the time being.

tags: railssummit2010


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