[Rails Summit 2010] Commence Planning

2009 October 30, 00:39 h

Railers all around the globe, I am very happy to report that the Ruby on Rails community in Brazil is growing strong. Last 13, 14th of October we had Rails Summit Latin America, with 550+ attendees we had the 2nd edition of the second largest Rails conference in the world after the official RailsConf.

This conference is possible thanks to Locaweb, the largest hosting company in South America. Together, we were able to organize two very successful events. When I started being a Rails activist back in 2006, with virtually no rubyists in Brazil, I never imagined how far we would be able to go. Now we have a healthy ecosystem, with some great recognized open source programmers, some small consultings starting to pop up, a few startups starting to show up, even some ‘enterprisey’ companies coming to adopt it. The Brazilian Rails community is a force to be reckoned.

There’s a lot more to do though, and I am again counting on the international rubyists support to keep on going. The last 2 Rails Summits were real challenges, and we will strive to continue to deliver the best conference in South America. Up to this year’s edition I had to have closed speakers list, but for 2010 I will finally be able to have an open Call for Participation, and I hope Railers all around the world show interest to come visit Brazil, get to know our beautiful country and meet our friendly people. I will let you know the details next year, as soon as I can.

Rails Summit gets inspiration from the official RailsConf. The format of the conference comprises 2 full days, with 2 parallel tracks, a Lightning Talk session, real-time translation from English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English, rooms with power plugs and ubiquitous wireless internet access. Up to this year we used the Elis Regina auditorium, inside the Anhembi Convention Center area, in São Paulo City. For next year we will move it to Frei Caneca Convention Center, which is also in São Paulo City, nearer the famous Paulista Ave. area, much more convenient to find hotels and entertainment areas. I think you will enjoy it. Prices will be around USD 140 for the same 2 full days of event. Above, you can see 2 photos from one of the other conferences that Locaweb does in the Frei Caneca Convention Center.

We recorded all the talks from this year’s edition and I will release them as soon as possible, so you can see how it was. Follow me on twitter or subscribe to this blog’s feed. I’ll keep you posted.

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