Going to RailsConf 2009

2009 May 02, 10:02 h - tags: railsconf2009 english

I will depart from Brazil at 10:55PM local time and should be arriving in Las Vegas tomorrow, Sunday, around 1:15PM. I will be staying at the Stratosphere Hotel, a little bit far from the Hilton.

I will not attend any of the tutorials on the first day. Maybe I will try to be at the Hilton, maybe I will try to be at CabooseConf. First thing I will try to do on Sunday is getting my Macbook Pro fixed :-) I will probably have to buy a new unit and I will spend the rest of the day restoring from my backup.

At the airport I should try to buy a pre-paid SIM card, so I can be reached more easily. But if anyone wants to get in touch with me, I think Twitter will be the easiest way. I will be checking my e-mail constantly also.

My schedule is available at Intridea or you can directly subscribe to my iCal calendar, so you may be able to reach me at the sessions, though it is uncertain that I will be actually following my own schedule :-) I have the tendency to hang out with people at random, so if I am not at the planned session, I am probably talking to people, making interviews, recording and so on.

My main goal with RailsConf is to talk to as many people as possible. The thing I like the most about this conference is the sheer ammount of insightful people and interesting talks.


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