QCon Special - Signing Off

2008 November 22, 16:03 h

Myself and the Githubbers from Fabio Akita on Vimeo.

QCon is finally over, it was a great venue, great people. Thanks to Floyd, InfoQ and all the organizers and sponsors. I think it accomplished it’s goal of discussing the new trends in technology. It is clear that functional programming, non-relational databases and the Agile philosophy are the way to go.

Yesterday I had a great time with the awesome guys from Github. Chris Wanstrath, Scott Chacon and Tom Preston, together with RailsEnvy’s Jason Seifer. We discussed languages, Git, and several geeky stuff :-) Thank you guys, you’re kicking ass, keep going with the great job.

Ezra Zygmuntowicz was also really nice for inviting me to visit Engine Yard’s headquarter. It was really interesting to finally get to known them. He showed me the new service they’re building on top of Amazon Web Services, a way to easily create your own highly scalable Rails/Merb infrastructure. They are building a very slicky Dashboard so you can control all of your slices, configurations, environments. It is supposed to be released at the end of this year. I know people will love it.

Now I am preparing to check out and head to the airport, back to Brazil after a busy but very rewarding week. See you all guys at the next conference.


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