Rails Summit: Next Week! (photos)

2008 October 06, 19:24 h

Rails Summit Latin America

All right folks, do not forget: Rails Summit Latin America approaches, on the 15th and 16th next week! If you still didn’t register, click here.

Another thing: we will have a small Birds of a Feather session at the end of the first day. The idea is to have a few lightning talks. If you want to present anything, just register here. Ninh Bui, from Phusion, says he is excited to talk some more during this session :-)

We will have internet through WiFi, power plug outlets in the hall and ball rooms, so you’re welcome to get your notebooks.

And to just raise the expectations a little bit, I was able to get some 3D renderings on how the Elis Regina Auditorium will become. Check it out:

It’s gonna be an awesome event!

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