Rails Summit: now really for Latin America!

2008 August 22, 12:15 h

Rails Summit Latin America

Railers from outside of Brazil, I apologize for the delay but I am proud to announce that now anyone can register for our Rails Summit Latin America event. We just published the English version that accepts international credit cards.

The event will take place at São Paulo, Brazil, on October 15th-16th. The price is BRL 400 (Brazilian Real) but we are offering a promotional price of BRL 300 until September, 9th. We will have several high profile Railers from all over the world such as Chad Fowler, Obie Fernandez, the Phusion Guys, Dr. Nic, Luis Lavena and more!

We will probably provide a spanish text translation for the website later on, but you can register already and rest assured that we will have real time translation from english to spanish for the english speakers. So Brazilians should go here and everybody else should jump right into here

And please, help us promote this great event using the banners provided in the end of the registration page

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