Ruby Brazilian Translations

2008 June 07, 03:35 h - tags: why obsolete english

The Brazilian community has been very busy lately. I just announced Carlos and Tapajós Rails 2.1 PDF

But this is not the only book in town. As I said, Carlos has been leading the Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby for some time now. I always say in all my presentations that “the best part of Ruby on Rails is the community” and this helds particularly true to our Brazilian community.

As a small glimpse of what people are doing, take a look at what Bruno Pedroso, Renato Willi, Wesley Rocha, Júlia de Casto was able to accomplish with the overly complicated and highly artistic Why’s comic stripes:

I think Why would be very proud of this.

If there are other Brazilians that can translate from English to Portuguese, please enroll in this project.


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