Upgrade Rails 1.2.2

2007 February 06, 03:33 h - tags: rails obsolete

Pessoal, saiu do forno agora: gem update rails

O Core Team lançou mais algumas mudanças de última hora e versionou como 1.2.2

O changelog não explica muita coisa mas dentre o que veio de novo estão:

activesupport 1.4.1:

  • Optimize Class Inheritable Attributes so that unnecessary hashes are not created. [Bruce Perens]
  • Added :instance_writer option to #mattr_writer/accessor, #cattr_writer/accessor, and #class_inheritable_writer to skip the creation of the instance writer. [Rick]
  • Full test coverage for Inflector. #7228 [Dan Kubb]


  • Pass a range in :conditions to use the SQL BETWEEN operator. #6974 [dcmanges]
    Student.find(:all, :conditions => { :grade => 9..12 })
  • Don’t create instance writer methods for class attributes. [Rick]
  • When dealing with SQLite3, use the table_info pragma helper, so that the bindings can do some translation for when sqlite3 breaks incompatibly between point releases. [Jamis Buck]
  • SQLServer: don’t choke on strings containing ‘null’. #7083 [Jakob S]
  • Consistently use LOWER) so the database can always use a functional index on the lowercased column. #6495 [Si]
  • MySQL: SET SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL=0 so ‘where id is null’ doesn’t select the last inserted id. #6778 [Jonathan Viney, timc]
  • Fixtures use the table name and connection from set_fixture_class. #7330 [Anthony Eden]
  • SQLServer: quote table name in indexes query. #2928 [keithm@infused.org]


  • Add much-needed html-scanner tests. Fixed CDATA parsing bug. [Rick]
  • improve error message for Routing for named routes. [Rob Sanheim]
  • Added enhanced docs to routing assertions. [Rob Sanheim]
  • fix form_for example in ActionController::Resources documentation. [gnarg]
  • Add singleton resources from trunk [Rick Olson]
  • TestSession supports indifferent access so session[‘foo’] == session[:foo] in your tests. #7372 [julik, jean.helou]
  • select :multiple => true suffixes the attribute name with [] unless already suffixed. #6977 [nik.kakelin, ben, julik]
  • Improve routes documentation. #7095 [zackchandler]
  • Resource member routes require :id, eliminating the ambiguous overlap with collection routes. #7229 [dkubb]
  • Fixed NumberHelper#number_with_delimiter to use “.” always for splitting the original number, not the delimiter parameter #7389 [ceefour]
  • Autolinking recognizes trailing and embedded . , : ; #7354 [Jarkko Laine]
  • Make TextHelper::auto_link recognize URLs with colons in path correctly, fixes #7268. [imajes]
  • Improved auto_link to match more valid urls correctly [Tobias Luetke]


  • Deprecate server_settings renaming it to smtp_settings, add sendmail_settings to allow you to override the arguments to and location of the sendmail executable. [Koz]


  • Fix gem deprecation warnings, which also means depending on RubyGems 0.9.0+ [Chad Fowler]
  • Require the dispatcher for Rails::Configuration#to_prepare. [Rick]


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